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A Journey into the Life of The Goddess Isis
Wednesday, September 7, 2011
Mood:  sad

I haven't wrote anything new thing in a while. Today I'm compelled to write about " Expectations"


As you all know what I do for is not easy nor glamorous as shown in modern media. What people fail to realize is that I am a very sensitive individual. Any I take words that said to me in anger or in a negative way. I "expect" people to treat with me the same kindness and respect I give them. Even if you don't agree or like what was said. There is the "expectation" of being treated with dignity. One thing I tell my clients to "expect" is that I'm not omniscient and God. But you should "expect" me to give you my best. And even if my best is not good enough for you. "Expect" that information passed may or may not resonate with you. But it usually for a reason. I have dealt with some who throw general queries at me and "expect" me to read their minds. I'm not a mind reader....Furthermore they "expect" to hear what they want. They "expect" you work for them but be open mentally and spiritually to your message. Then they criticize and "expect" you to take it. I always suggest to keep your "expectations" and ego at the proverbial door. That means be open to the messages and words spirit brings you. Even if you think it is farfetched....give it a chance....I see what Jesus Christ went through with doubters and skeptics... And I don't claim to be as the same caliber as our Lord. But in His words, he says if you have faith as small as a mustard will see results... I accept that it may be hard for people to accept things sight unseen. They demand proof, they won't have faith in a message unless it goes with what they want ,they deem you certifiable for the looney bin. I have faith and confidence in my messages from Spirit. because Spirit has  shown me it is reliable and true. And if I may misconstrue or interpret a message the wrong way. It is my doing as I am a human being. But the message from Spirit is true indeed. And that  is what my client should "expect" to recieve the message in it's entirety ,even if the human messenger may mess up.

"Expectations" can be a good or  a dangerous thing...but one thing is absolute "EXPECT" Spirit to never let you down or lead you astray.


I "expect" to keep working with Spirit. And I "expect" I will have many more clients who are not rude or condescending to me. I "expect" the best for all my past, present and future clients.


 "Expect" the best from your psychic advisors. " Expect" your advisors to have your best intentions. And "Expect" to remember your advisor is human, who has feelings.



Have a blessed one....folks



Posted by divagoddess1ny at 5:59 PM EDT
Monday, December 6, 2010
Saved by An Angel
Mood:  special
Topic: Angelic Assistance



Saved By An Angel
 Many people believe in the divinity of the upper realms and in being protected by guardian angels. There are many stories of guardian angels rescuing people.

The skeptics in the world see the guardian angels as being a matter of myth and fantasy. However, despite this there have been many stories told about mysterious angelic beings that appear out of nowhere and rescue people who are in trouble. This angelic interference is almost always welcome because it saves people from a terrible fate, such as a car accident, a bad fall, or illness.  After they have done their job, they often disappear as suddenly as they appeared.  

Are these beings truly from the angelic realm? Some neuroscientists would tell us that when we are under stress, our brains manufacture things that cause us to hallucinate. The man about to have a heart attack may see a dark angel that he misinterprets to be the angel of death, when really it is a hallucination that is the result of real duress. Brain chemicals can be produced when a person is under physical stress that could have them believe that they are hearing angelic voices, which is in turn mistaken for the protection of a guardian angel.


One of the most famous of these angels was the angel Gabriel that appeared to Mary in the Bible and announced to her that she would be with a child. Yet another famous angel is the one that asked Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary to see the tomb where Jesus was laid to rest and then pointed out that Jesus had risen after crucifixion.

One famous contemporary metaphysical guru is Elizabeth Clare Prophet. She specializes in the art of send me an angel. She teaches people in her book how to pray to a garden angel statue and also create an angel sanctuary in your mind so that your requests can be granted. When in trouble, she recommends the prayer “send me an angel” to rescue you.

Not everyone sees the guardian angel in the classic sense as seen in drawings of angels or in the shape of Victorian angels. Some people believe their guardian angels are celebrities such as James Dean, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. Even older personages throughout history including Genghis Kahn, Alexander the Great and Cleopatra can also symbolize guardian angels.

Posted by divagoddess1ny at 1:01 PM EST
Monday, October 18, 2010
Guardian Angels of Children
Topic: Angelic Assistance


 Guardian Angels of Children
 There are many angels that are especially protective of children. An angel is a pure spirit exalted by God. They are believed to be sent here to earth to watch over us and protect little children from harm.

Here is a compendium of angels that may be guardian angels of children.

Adriel – This is an angel of death that has the ironic purpose of watching over children who are very ill especially when it comes to lessering their suffering.  This is the angel to pray to if you have a child who is sick.

Ariel – Ariel is an angel of wrath and creation. Ariel can be a vindictive angel as well that punishes those who harm little ones.  This angel known to heal children of their ailments and protect them from criminal types such as child molesters. Ariel also helps children forget any bad experiences they may have had.

Cassiel – This divine angel helps protect children and is their servant in times of danger or need. This angel can also help your child perform well on tests in school.

Camuel or Chamuel – This is an angel of “pure love”. This archangel makes sure that your children are protected from accidents and harm at all time. This angel is lucky for children and protects pets as well.



Gabriel – This gentle archangel watches over children at all times and guides them back when they stray from the path – either figuratively or literally. He also protects the mothers of children and unborn foetuses. Gabriel is said to be present when children are born.

Gagiel – This is the angel of water that can protect your children while they are swimming, boating or playing in the lake or ocean.

Hadraniel – This Jewish angel is a daunting, fierce figure who keeps your child disciplined and on track morally. Pray to this angel if you have a disobedient or unruly teenager who can seem to focus on his or her future.

Haniel – This is an angel of joy and love who brings your children ease of mind so they can enjoy their innocence as long as they can. 

Harut – This angel protects children from the evil eye and witchcraft.



Ireul – This angel protects the unborn fetus from harm.

Israfel – This is an angel of wisdom whose energies can help your child do better in school.

Ithuriel – This angel often appears as a toad and helps lost children find their way home. Ithuriel also helps prevent children from having nightmares.

Jehoel – This angel protects children from the Angel of Death.

Metatron – This angel is a heavenly scribe who can help your children do well in school.



Michael – This charming supernatural being is the ultimate Angel of Protection and protects them from all danger and accidents.

Muriel – This angel helps protect children while they are playing.

Nuriel – This extremely protective angel’s specialty is protecting your children from fire and explosions.

Zadkiel – This is the angel of joy that can help your child always be focused, clear and experience a sense of well being.


Posted by divagoddess1ny at 2:41 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, October 18, 2010 2:42 PM EDT
Monday, October 4, 2010
Do we receive Angel Messages?
Topic: Angelic Assistance


Do We Receive Angel Messages?
How do you talk to your angels? Sometimes it sounds like a whisper. Other times it is more of a “feeling” that you should do something, or call someone. We all receive angel messages all the time. Receiving angel messages is about being sensitive and noticing any sensations or impressions. Your angels are smart and they are going to choose to give you messages in the way that communicates with you the very best.


The most important thing about angel messages is to be aware and open to receive an angel message. If you are open to receive the message, you are more than doing your part. Then simply be aware and notice if you are seeing or having any impressions that could be an angel message. Over time you will become quite used to your angels’ messages and how they communicate with you.


Inspiration. Many people receive sudden inspiration to do something. At that moment, they want to call someone they haven’t talked to in three years or they want to walk down a different street they’ve never been on before. Your angels will send you inspiration to do things to connect you in ways that you can’t even imagine. When you telephone that person, they may say something that seems very inspired and full of wisdom. Or they may say something very ordinary but has great meaning for you on a deeper level. That by itself is an angel message. Sending you down a different street you could meet a new friend or someone who could offer you a new and interesting opportunity. The angels inspire us all the time!


Symbols. Some people continue to see the same thing over and over again. It turns out that their angels are sending them a message through a symbol. You may see the same image or name over and over again. Think for a moment about what this name or symbol could mean to you. If you love daisies and you keep seeing them, the angels could be sending you a message to simply say “hello.” Or they could be telling you that you should do more things that you enjoy.


“Good Luck” Sometimes things happen to us and we think that we are lucky. Things just go our way. We find exactly the information we need at the right time. We call overseas and reach the person we need to talk to when they are at home. We may find something that we thought was lost, just before we were about to replace it. Many times people will dismiss these things as having a lucky day. There is nothing wrong with a bit of good luck—we certainly could use a good day no matter how it comes. But very often your “good luck day” is an angel message with your angels working to help connect the dots for you. Pay attention to all of the details of that experience and you may realize that divine assistance was hard at work for you!



Posted by divagoddess1ny at 10:55 AM EDT
Thursday, September 30, 2010
Archangel Michael For Protection
Topic: Angelic Assistance

 Part of feeling safe in life is knowing that we only make decisions that are truly in our own best interests. Michael is the angel to turn to when you feel pushed around by others, emotionally terrorized, or somehow invaded by another person's presence. Michael can help you regain control of your life. He can free you from your toxic emotional entanglements.

Michael can also help you banish your inner critic and free you from fear of the future. This angel strengthens your faith in yourself, especially when it comes to the faith that you can handle whatever obstacle fate throws your way.

This angel also protects all individuals from all physical and spiritual aggression, including accidents, diseases, crime, astral attacks, and the evil eye. He is the angel to pray to if you feel you are being treated unfairly at work, have made a huge mistake and need to have it fixed or feel that you are the victim of another person's addiction, mental illness or injustice.

Michael, the Fifth Ray in the divine rainbow, is often associated with a steely blue or laser blue light. In cases of emergency, surrounding yourself in a bubble of this blue light is thought to offer protection. Michael is also explosive in his actions and is thought to be related to thunder and especially lightening. When you get news that seems like "a bolt from the blue" often, Michael is behind it. Michael also likes mirrors. He is also the angel who reflects your own actions back to you. His miracles tend to occur swiftly and suddenly. He is also known for his sense of humor and is related to the phrase "humor destroys all karma."

Michael is also thought to like heights. People are thought to be most connected to him when they are standing at the peak of a mountain, the top of a skyscraper, or in an airplane. He is fond of flight and is thought to inspire spontaneous instances of bilocation (where the same person is seen in two places at once). He likes anything metal and his gemstone is the sapphire.

Michael guides the blades of surgeons and physicians. Physically, he takes care of the heart, tongue, mouth, thyroid, endocrine system, the liver and the heart. He is also though to guide the blades of surgeons and physician

When you meditate, see Michael corresponding to your throat chakra, which is your seat of self-expression. Physically, Michael takes care of the thyroid, the endocrine system, the liver and the heart. He is connected to hearing and sight.

To connect with Michael, it is suggested you light a light blue candle

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010
7 Steps for Connecting with the Angels
Mood:  lazy
Topic: Angelic Assistance

Seven Steps For Connecting With Your Angels!

  1. 1. Ask your Angels for help! Whether you realize it or not, you have angels who are always close by ready, and waiting to offer you their assistance. Angels strictly honor your free will, and will not interfere without your permission… want help? Simply ask! There is no specific formula you must follow to connect with angels other than your intention and desire. The more you think, call upon, and learn about angels the more they will begin to make themselves known to you as you open up to their guidance and assistance.
  2. You are worthy of angelic assistance! Regardless of where you are and what you have or haven’t done, your Angels love you unconditionally, regardless of personal history or beliefs. Angels are Spiritual Beings who exist beyond the present time space realty. They are able to be with, and help everyone who calls on them at once! Angels are beings of unconditional love who are always near and ready to assist you with anything!
  3. Connect! Right now, close your eyes, and take a deep relaxing breath. Focusing inward call upon your guardian angels, archangels, and the best possible angels to help you right now. Outline the situation you would like to be helped with, and then be open to how the angelic assistance appears in your life. Angelic assistance is always available, effective, and rarely in the form you expect.
  4. It is from within silence that you are able to clearly hear. Quiet your mind, focus inward and simply be. As thoughts come up, release them to your angels, and return to the still and silent place. It is from within this silence, that you are able to open and clearly hear, see, feel, think, know the presence and guidance of your spirit guides and angels.
  5. Hand everything over to your Angels, including any and all worries, fears, or problems. Ask your Angels to release them into the light and replace them with unconditional love, light and compassion. Release your dreams and intentions over to your angels too and then trust and allow your manifestation to unfold with the help of your angels.
  6. Express gratitude and appreciation. The more you are able to find and express your thanks for things exactly the way they are, the more you will naturally attract reasons to express gratitude and appreciation. See the present moment, as it is, a beautiful and divine creation. Need help with this? Ask your angels to help you find the love that is present in this situation for you.
  7. Trust, Allow and Take Action. Angels always respond, every time you call upon them. Be open to how their help manifests, and allow it into your life. When you do receive that intuitive idea, hunch, or opportunity that feels good, take action and know your angels will be with you every step of the way!

Posted by divagoddess1ny at 1:18 PM EDT
Wednesday, August 11, 2010
What Is Psychic Telepathy?
Topic: Psychic

What is psychic telepathy? Psychic telepathy comes from the Greek word that means being affected by something that is distant. Telepathy is the transfer of information, feelings, thoughts or situations using the sixth sense. It describes a person who is supposed to be able to read the minds of others.

The inventor of the definition of psychic telepathy is Fredric W.H. Myers, who founded the Society for Psychical Research in 1882. However, the actual concept of a mind reader has been around much longer than that. Psychic telepathy is often used for healing and empathy and appears to be one of the talents of all men who have ever lived.

Few of us see psychic telepathy at work in real life, but it is a rampant theme in pop culture. That is how most of us are familiar with the concept of psychic telepathy, which is largely about sensing the thoughts of others. These abilities are considered evil and in the realm of witchcraft when they are used to control the minds of other people or alter events. You often see plots revolving around these ideas in television shows and movies. 

Telepathy is also often seen as the logical extension of the human nervous system in many of these scenarios as well. That is why it is often called the sixth sense.

The fact that so many of us see telepathy in television and movies is why so many of us often ask ourselves "is telepathy real?"  Sometimes, it just seems so irrelevant and a figment of a clever writer's imagination. However, many of us become believers when we experience an episode of psychic intelligence ourselves.

Another branch of telepathy is called telepathy telekinesis where people are able to move objects with their mind. The Amazing Kreskin in as example of a psychic who is able to accomplish this. When people see a real psychic in action, often they want to learn telepathy and there are many books on the subject that are available online.

There is also a new branch of psychic telepathy that exists called transhumanism. These individuals believe that technologically enabled telepathy, coined "telepathy", will be the inevitable future of human intuition. This is all part of the larger study of cybernetics, which is the science of relating the human mind to machine so that the electronic mind because almost a second guessing unit of what is to be.

There are many resources online and many books available about how to learn telepathy. Online telepathy lessons are available as is instruction in psychic telepathy.

You can also get online telepathy readings. There are scores of sites that specialize in that on the Internet. Some of these psychic telepathy readings are available over phone lines and others are available over chat lines. Telepathy telekinesis and telepathy tests can also be used to determine the level of your psychic talent as well.

Posted by divagoddess1ny at 12:00 PM EDT
Thursday, July 22, 2010
How Do Spirit Guides Contact Us?
Topic: Psychic



 Spirit guides do not necessarily whisper in our ears or appear before us. Instead, they are more likely to offer us signs and omens. However, the challenge is to recognize these signs and omens when we see them. This does not mean that you have to be a professional psychic. You need merely be aware that signs from the world of spirit often look like coincidences.

When you ask a spirit guide or angel for guidance, you may not immediately hear an answer. The questions are often heard but the answers (the coincidences or omens) don’t appear for days. You don’t have to wait. Just go about your life and be open to receiving your answer when you are ready. Spirit works in many ways to reach us and they know that if we are not telepathic or clairvoyant that they can get our attention in other ways. So you don’t have to have to be psychic. You won’t be left out of the loop. The spirits will find some way to get their message to you.

The signs, the omens, the guidance is all around us, at all items. All we need do is open ourselves to receiving the messages.

Spirit guides often try to reach us through music. The message may be in the first song you hear on the radio or the song that keeps repeating in your head.

They love to give us messages via contemporary media. An example is when you turn on the television and someone is speaking about the same thing that is on your mind.

Another example is when you overhear a conversation between other people that has meaning to what you are thinking about or questioning in your mind.

You may see or hear something repeatedly. An example is constantly seeing the number "11". You may see "11" on a clock, a label, a license plate. Seeing "11" many times means that something spiritual is happening or about to happen in your life.

You open to a page in a book and the pages fall upon to a paragraph that has meaning to your current situation.

Guides could also be throwing obstacles in our path to prevent you from taking wrong action. Perhaps someone has wronged you and you want to have it out with that person.

However, every time you dial their number the line is busy or out of service. This could be a spirit guide telling you that now is not the appropriate time to talk about the situation.

Signs often come from the animal world. Maybe every time you leave the house, a bluebird flies by or you constantly see two chipmunks chasing each other. Perhaps these signals from nature make you think of a certain someone.

Don't have expectations and don't read into things. Just ask for guidance and allow it to happen. Not everything you see or hear is a sign. But, if you are open and receptive, the signs will appear of their own accord!




Posted by divagoddess1ny at 5:05 PM EDT
Saturday, July 17, 2010
Angel Energies That Bring True Love
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Angelic Assistance


Angel Energies That Bring True Love

 There are some true angelic energies can be summoned to help protect an existing love, bring a new love, or strengthen the love that you already have. Keep in mind too that a true love does not just mean a romantic love. Sometimes real love can manifest in a friendship or a May/December type relationship as well.

Here is a brief look at some of the many angels of love that can be called to bring a love that is true...

Cassiel – This is the angel of solitude who ironically can bring you a new love that is vast improvement over your last relationship. If you are recently divorced or broken up, this is the angel that you ask to bring you a new partner.

Camuel – Camuel, or Chamuel, is the Archangel of Love that deals with all of the heart. This is the angel of compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and understanding. This angel helps you repair damaged relationships. Pray to this angel if you want to bring a new relationship into your life or strengthen existing ones.

Gabriel – This archangel can help bring you a soul mate who is perfectly compatible with you in every way.

Haniel – This angel of Love provides your life with grace and a natural luck that protects you from accidents and brings you exactly what you need at all times.

Harut – This angel helps prevent confusion in your love life and prevents discord and arguments between man and wife.

Jophiel – This angel is a powerful archangel that can help you make a choice, if you find yourself caught in a difficult love triangle.

Muriel – This angel can help bless your wedding and your lives with bliss and many descendents.

Muriel – This angel can help protect you and your loved one from fire and especially recommended as a protective angel for the spouses of firemen.

Raguel – This is an angel of fairness, justice, and harmony. He can help make sure that your mate is absolutely faithful. If you are a woman, he makes sure that your husband will faithfully bring home his pay check to you.

Raphael – This angel of healing corresponds to the heart chakra. He also helps open up your heart so you are more receptive to love. He is responsible for repairing broken spirits after a disappointing love affair. Pray to Raphael if you need to heal a damaged relationship or have trouble forgetting about the past. He also helps resolve conflicts and long term feuds. This angel can also help individuals through difficult rites of passage such as divorce.

Uriel – This is the Angel of Peace and helps resolve problems in your personal relationships. He can help you let go of bitterness and resentments. Appeal to this angel if you need to get smoothly through a divorce or you need to reconcile with a long lost friend. Forgiveness is what this angel is all about. He can help you empty your heart of the past so you can move forward.

Posted by divagoddess1ny at 5:11 PM EDT
Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Can You Speak to Dead Relatives?
Topic: Psychic

 They say that the life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living. Still many of us see "messages from dead relatives" in the little coincidences we see in life from time to time. It could be that we see someone who looks like the deceased or we hear the person’s favorite song. We may be recalling something favored by the dead relative and then miraculously this food, television, or song might manifest in our lives. Some people even experience objects moving, music boxes playing, and will hear voices. Some even have an apparition of the loved one – in a mirror or even just sitting across the room smiling and talking to them!

In order to get a message from a loved one who has passed away, you might want to try speaking to him or her. You have many options when choosing a method to speak with dead relatives. Find a form of communication that is comfortable when talking the deceased. You can speak with your loved ones through your dreams, thoughts, or with the help of psychics. Remember to keep an open mind and heart. Even if you do not receive confirmation your dead relatives heard you, you will be comforted knowing that you at least tried to communicate with them.

One of the simplest and fasted ways of communicating is by having a conversation in your head with your dead relative. Talk to him as if he were alive. Talk to him about anything, such as memories, events from your daily life, or problems you may be having.

Reconnect with dead relatives by writing them a letter or having a conversation using a journal. Address the letter or journal entry with your dead relative's name and begin jotting down thoughts and questions.

Be sure to leave a notepad and pen by your nightstand before going to bed. You can even buy an official dream journal. If you dream of a dead relative, you can write about what you saw in the dream so you will not forget it. The more you write down your dreams, the easier it is to remember them.

Remove all distractions when speaking with dead relatives, including televisions, phones, radios and noisy clocks, or air conditioners. Loosen clothing and relax by taking deep breaths. Surround yourself with photos and mementos of your loved one. Clear your mind and think only of the deceased relative you want to contact.

You can also try the technique of mirror gazing. Seated comfortably, relax, and gaze into the clear depth of the mirror without trying to focus on anything in particular. Unfocus your eyes as if you are looking into the distance and listen and watch. This attempt to contact the dead is known as the psychomanitum technique and is a form of scrying.

There are many different signs that a loved one may be trying to contact you from the grave. Flickering lights, flickering candle light, or a distraction that you cannot help but focus on...all of these are omens that you are making contact. However, whatever contact you do make will be very specific to you.





Posted by divagoddess1ny at 3:43 PM EDT

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