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Angels & Celestials

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~~Readings and Spreads~~

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I specialize in mediumship and psychic readings via email. It is  is my policy to give you the best reading to the best of my  abilities. 

What can you expect by having a reading with me?

  • You can count on her to provide ethical & honest service. I am always and will be forthright in all of your dealings. No HIDDEN CHARGES EVER! You have  my solemn guarantee:
  • That I will not tell you that you have been cursed/hexed.
  • That  I will not tell you have you a negative spirit, dark aura, blockages....etc...
  • That I will not charge you $1000's to have it removed.
  • If you have ever been told that by a "so-called medium/psychic", then I suggest you run for the nearest exit. As those are unscrupulous tactics used by scammers to gain your hard earned money.
  •  Expect I will not judge you, only  to guide and empower you!


These are the types of readings offered

Spirit Chat

This type of reading is where I will channel your Angels and/or Guides and what ever relevant messages they have for you.

Or if you wish to recieve a message from someone who has crossed over...

Spirit Chat Readings are $100

Angels and Celestials Readings:

These readings will come to you from your angels, guides and celestials via oracles. I have over 50 Oracle Decks and whichever I am led to choose from will be your very own personalized experience along with my own psychic impressions.


Love and Romance Oracle Reading

Have a burning question in regards to your love life? Let the Angels guide you. This type of reading can determine if there are blocks and limitations preventing you from having a fulfilling and loving relationship. It can also show you if  a new romance is on the horizon or if you will patch up an current relationship.  Try it today!

Here is my Tarot Reading Section. Prices are as follows:

  • Past/Present/Future-Mind/Body Spirit $30
  • 3 Card Yes/No $30

  • The Celtic Cross(10 cards) $60

  • Horoscope Spread(12 cards for the whole year) $75

~Life Purpose Readings~
Confused? Stuck? Unsure? An Angelic Life Purpose Reading will help you clarify and determine your purpose.

Animal Totem Readings:
For those interested in the Animal Spirit World. Each of us has animal totems to guide, teach and protect us. Discover the hidden teachings of your personal animal totems as you discover yourself, awaken inner wisdom, manifest dreams, empower yourself.
Animal Totem Readings are: $20

Animal Totem Reading

Here are some helpful tips that you should know:
Please keep your mind free and open. This helps me to help you better! And what you put in is what you will get back in return.
- **I will not answer any legal, medical, paternity questions Pregnancy questions will only be answered if I gets a vibe about it*
-Please don't have any preconceived attachment to your outcome/timeframes.

-****Please note that readings are not set in stone. A reading is just one of many paths that is open to you. You  do have free will and you are able to create your own destiny****

 Love N' Light! -


Please allow up to 5 business days for your reading to be delivered to your inbox upon receipt of payment.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Reading Request Instructions:

Using the form below, please put in your reading request. State your questions/topics clearly and succintly. Please send your date of birth, as well as any other pertinent info. Then click on PayPal link to send your payment.

Once your request and payment is received. You will receive an email acknowledgement/confirmation from me.


Other Payment Options:   If  credit card/paypal option is not available to you. I also accept United States Postal money orders ONLY!   Please contact me for mailing address if  this the option you choose. Once I have received your payment (please include question/topic in separate letter with payment)I will proceed to fulfill your reading request within 24-48 hours thereafter.   You will recieve your reading via your email inbox Please allow up to 7-10 additional days for mail payments.

MoneyGram and Western Union payments are accepted.






Ask me about any ongoing deals and specials! If I have read for you personally on, you are automatically entitled to the $5 discount off any reading of $20 or more!

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Thank you for visiting my web site!

Peace and Blessings!

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