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Angels & Celestials

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Customer Accolades

Here is what my clients are saying...
Oh my gosh thank you so much sweetie for spending the time to do this for me!
You did a wonderful job it was extremely detailed and I was able to follow it very well.
Thanks so much you clearly covered everything!!!  I'd be happy to sign  a guestbook/testimonial!
Love and Light
Jeri Nicole
"You read for me on Allexperts and I was impressed. Thanks so much !"

"I would like another reading on top of this reading which I've done some time ago. You were right about several of the issues I am going through." -Wei Ling-

"About one year ago I asked you a question and you answered me. Your answer was right...You seem like a very authentic reader and it is nice that you volunteer on free sites".-L-

"Thanks for being such a caring person and for the encouragement and kicks in butt !! hehe .Ur an Angel sent to me from God lol maybe even a muse gimme some time no tellin what art I come up with lol....HUGS and many blessings!"
Jeri--OK, USA
"You also told me you were feeling I would be receiving a donation( for a used clothing store I have). Well I was at my daughters house and her neighbor, a really nice lady, said she had some clothing, some still new with tags to give me for the store. I almost fell off her chair. I just sat there. You are right on the money."


"Hello Miss GoddessIsis, know your stuff. you have helped me through this troubling time more than you realize. I wish I could meet you in person
I'm going to tell my friends about you maybe readings from you will help them too."
"You were very helpful once before when I asked about finding new work--and I did find the work or rather it found me and I begin at the end of August.  It is a literacy position and I am feeling energized and excited about the change."

"Dear Madam,


Having taken a while to re-read and understand all that was said in the reading, I would now like to give you some feed-back.

When I first went onto your site I had intended to spend maybe 25dollars or thereabouts...but I was drawn to and kept re-reading the angel reading section- so I went for it.When the reading came I was worried that I would not be able to relate to it...I went through it very carefully...then I was EXACTLY what I had needed, not just a straightforward reading for the future, but definitely the spiritual aspect was important at this stage in my life.Within twenty minutes of receiving the mail it was asthough a great weight was lifted from my shoulders, I could breathe.I felt cared for and protected. I also understood why I could not be given a definite answer relating to the relationship, had I been told that we would breack-I would have started hurting, had I been told it was forever, I would have gone on as it is and that is also not good,stagnant,but as it stands I shall invest more energy now(today we took the first steps in searching for a house to move in together)this is happening very fast as though energy has started to flow..Once again I do not know how to express in words the relief and clarity and energy that you have brought into my life,Thank you sincerely and I hope to visit your site again in the future." --Jelena--Ireland(11.01.06)

1)01/19/07-Wow, Goddess Isis ,You are incredible, I'm shocked to how you know that...2)10/14/07-Wow ur awesome. Everything made sooo much sense. You are so right, how  do u know these things?......R.-Canada

" Hi Isis...I'd like to preface my remarks by first saying "thanks again"for taking the time for doing a reading for me.I just wanted to explain to you why I didn't rate you after your reading last year.I was in all expert getting readings from a number of readers (both positive and negative).I wanted to allow time to pass to see how the readings with turn out before I rated anyone.As it turned out..not only were you right,you were "dead on".Sometimes it is hard to swallow the truth,but that's all I wanted,and that is exactly what you gave me!!Not only are you talented,but you are blessed in being "highly gifted".I could give you a well deserved rating!! You deserve it...God Bless you...Sincerely"...Timmy T

"I really appreciate your reading and thank you so much...this puts a lot into perspective and confirms my own "intuitive" feelings about him and the situation."--Therese--6.18.07 

"Thank you thank you thank you!! You knew me so well, and your reading was right on point! I was so stressed before, but after your reading I am really at ease. Finally, a REAL psychic." 12/11/07-"A"

"I would first like to let you know that the last reading I got from you (last yr. in Jan. 08) was pretty much right on target, thank you. My sister & I started speaking again in May & she came to me. I was so happy. "--C.M.

"I don't think I ever THANKED you for the wonderful reading you did - I had asked you a question and you answered with correct details. I was impressed and appreciated it very much, it helped. So here's my chance to say thanks-thanks!"-( KC- 11 /2009)


"Greetings. I am actually shocked, yes hit the nail on the head...  Even though i do believe in psychics and fortune predictions using paranormal means or extra-sensory perceptions, i was having a hard time spotting a genuine person plus charismatic of course. Most people who make use of psychic label, are charlatans and rapacious persons, or even self-overrated thus they don't have a stong connection with their skill level.
You found everything."( A-Greece  4/2010)

1)"I can't believe how dead on you are. I didn't want to believe it and I was hurt and upset. So a few days later, you were 100 percent correct, it just ended. You indeed have a gift from the universe."


2)"Oh my freaking god!!!!! I can't believe how accurate you are!! You are super dead on about her meeting someone else and she admitted it to me today as we spoke to one another after not talking for a week!You are amazing!! You are so accurate with me and it brings tears to my eyes when I found out how dead on you are!! You truly have a gift from the universe my friend. "(9/10/10) Thanks "S" (CA)

Dear Isis,
I want to first thank you about the advice . . You were very on key with that guy. Alot of the things you spoke of I knew about or had feeling about.P.S Thank you!!! I think you have an amazing gift and I'm glad I had someone to speak to with more insight.

Hi Ms Isis ... Wanted to let you know my daughter has a beautiful baby boy just as you said :)-"I"

"You gave an excellent, accurate reading and it was just what I needed to hear! I will hold on to my hopes but I feel ready to continue living my life. Thank you again for your response. :)"- " V"



"Hi Goddess, just wanted to say a big thank you for my reading on All Experts I just received from made me feel better.I would love the opportunity to have you delve further into my situation .Anyhow, thanks Goddess, I never got a chance to thank you via follow up so I thought I would here"...-"T"- Canada

"Thank you. I can't believe you still remember giving me a reading last year. It's a 10 now, there's nothing higher than that. Guess I have to talk to him about all this, huh. Thank you for the reading :) "   Dita--Indonesia
"Thanks for your answer,I'm glad you are back, I need your help once again, I agree he is a bit "gun shy", , Thank you so much for your help." Louise.-"-Argentina
"Dear Goddess Isis: I really appreciate your reading. You pretty much confirmed everything I already knew or had a feeling about (I'm empathic and still trying to tune into my intuition and messages). There are a lot of unknown factors involved and everything you said hits right on target with him. There's been a lot of patience and then some--on both of our ends. Caution has been in the back of my mind. Yes, not having expectations and taking things slowly are exactly what I've been feeling. "

 "As you predicted, I got a new job fall of last year in human resources as a recruiting manager." A

L- 8/4/11
RE: Goddess Isis She was GREAT! WOW! How did you know "exactly" what was going on? You knew exactly how I was feeling and exactly what was going on and I did not tell You. Now I am excited and waiting for your prediction to come true. Thanks so much Goddess Isis


**Some comments/feedback has been edited to protect the names & privacy of the clients.**

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Peace and Blessings!

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